Fibo – Mac OS Bookmark Tool

Fibo is a small bookmark tool that allows you to store your favorite websites, folders, files, apps, contacts, emails, and songs in one central place.
You can add a bookmark by clicking on the fibo icon at the top-right in your Mac OS menu bar and select the "Add Bookmark" option. Alternatively, you can define a global keyboard shortcut in the preferences. Depending on the program that is active, fibo will add a bookmark to a website (from Safari or Google Chrome), an email (from Mac OS Mail), a vCard (from the Address Book), a song or a video (from iTunes) or files and folders (from the Finder).
Clicking on the fibo icon in your menu bar shows you a list of all of your bookmarks. In the fibo preferences, you have the option to sort this list by date, name, or popularity (sorting items depending on how often you opened them). When you select a file while holding the command-key, the parent folder of the selected file will be opened instead of the file itself. By holding the option key, you can delete a bookmark-item from your list after launching it. This option can be turned on by default in the fibo preferences or by selecting the menu-item "remove bookmark after launch".
In the fibo preferences, you can delete and edit your bookmarks. By double-clicking on the title or count-value of a bookmark you can change these entries manually. Fibo regularly checks if a bookmark to a file or folder still exists. By activating the option "remove missing files automatically", fibo will remove entries pointing to a file or folder that does not exist anymore. To quickly remove a bookmark, hold down the control-key and click on the specific entry.