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Compared to other group-living species, humans show a remarkable extent of cooperation and readiness to share resources to help each other. At times, however, selfishness trumps pro-sociality, competition is more rewarding than working together, and cooperation is used as a mean to subordinate and hurt others. My research interest broadly revolves around the behavioral and neurobiological underpinnings of these dichotomies – pro-sociality and cooperation on the one side and selfishness and conflict on the other side. To approach these topics, I try to combine insights from psychology, economics, and neuroscience, making use of theoretical models, simulations, laboratory experiments, and neuroscientific methods like brain imaging or non-invasive brain-stimulation. In the past, I also investigated non-strategic value-based decision making.

Short CV

since 2022 Chair of Social- and Economic Psychology,
University of Zurich
since 2017 Assistant Professor,
Leiden University
2015-2016 Postdoctoral Researcher,
University of Amsterdam
2015 PhD,
Maastricht University
2010 – 2014 PhD candidate,
School of Business and Economics and Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University
2010 Master of Science (Diplompsychologe) in Psychology,
Goethe University, Frankfurt
2005 – 2010 Study of Psychology,
Goethe University, Frankfurt


Some of my co-authors, collaborators, friends I worked with:

Jan Zimmermann Eva Woelbert Martin Strobel Arno Riedl Sanae Barth Sabrina Strang Alex Sack
Rainer Goebel Zsombor Méder Carsten De Dreu Simon Columbus Alex Vostroknutov Franzi Emmerling Margarita Leib
Theo Offerman Shaul Shalvi Michael Giffin Ruthie Pliskin